Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Honeymoon 2015 - Part 14

Another Day At Sea

Monday - January 19th 2015

Today we skipped breakfast, because we had planned something special. It was our honeymoon and so Claudia and I booked a table at Palo for brunch and it was fantastic. Not only did the food taste very good, our waiter was also so friendly and since he was from Europe, we had to talk a lot. After we were seated, we got a glass of proseco and then we started with the first course from the anti pasti buffet. Next was a vegetable pizza, which we shared, followed by a tomato soup and pasta marinara. For dessert we got pancakes and a fruit salad. Thanks to the waiter and to the cook, who did everything to prepare some vegan dishes, Palo was a wonderful experience and we would definitely eat there again.

A new Day

Navigator's Lounge - Waiting for our Table at Palo




Anti Pasti from the Buffet

Vegetable Pizza

Grilled Vegetables

Tomato Soup



Fruit Salad




In the afternoon we spent our time at the adults only pool and enjoyed the warm weather. Of course sun bathing and reading made us hungry and so, despite eating a lot at Palo, we grabbed a veggie burger and some fruits.

What a beautiful Day

Fruits and Ice Tea

Adults Only Area

Veggie Burger

Later we returned to our cabin to get ready for the evening. Wishes was today's show and it was not good. In fact it was the worst show during the whole week. The musical parts weren't that bad, but the background story about high school kids at Disneyland who are becoming adults, and adults who stay in touch with being a kid at heart, was. Then it was time for dinner at Enchanted Garden. This was our least favourite restaurant, although it was nicely themed, but because of the bad location of our table in the corner of the restaurant, we didn't like it that much. Before we returned to our cabin, we spent the rest of the evening at the Bon Voyage Bar.

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Cucumber filled with Vegetables

Mushrooms on Lentils

Enchanted Garden

Disney Fantasy


Carpet showing all Disney Ships

Honeymoon Surprise

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