Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Vienna Spring 2016 - Part 1

Going To Vienna

Friday - March 11th 2016

My wife and I both celebrate our birthdays in March and this year we decided to spend our birthday weekend in Vienna. Friday after work we hit the road and drove to Austria's capital city. A few hours and a traffic jam later, we arrived at our hotel. We booked a room at the Austria Trend Hotel Doppio, because we already stayed there in 2013 and enjoyed it a lot, and additionally we got a very good offer for two nights. The hotel is aimed towards business guests, which we like, and the inner city is easy to reach by tram. So after we checked in, we took the tram into the city, where we had dinner at a sushi restaurant called Pirata. I'm not the biggest sushi fan, but I have to admit, that the sushi was really good. Afterwards we walked to Veganista, our favourite ice cream store in Vienna, and then we returned to our hotel, where we had a couple of drinks at the hotel bar.

Austria Trend Hotel Doppio

Our Room

Our Bathroom

Vegan Sushi

Drinks at the Hotel Bar

Monday, 14 March 2016

Vienna Spring 2016 - Part 2

Birthday Celebration

Saturday - March 12th 2016

Breakfast wasn't included in our hotel package and so we headed to the next Starbucks at the Vienna Central Station. A cup of coffee later, we strolled through the nearby shopping centre and then we took the subway into the inner city. Since it was already noon, we went to Xu's Cooking for lunch. That's an old school vegetarian Chinese buffet restaurant we like a lot. After lunch it was time for Veganista again, where I got a "Happy Birthday Ice Cream Cup" with a candle on top from Claudia. And of course the ice cream was delicious - the best vegan ice cream in the world.

Belvedere Castle

Xu's Cooking


Later we strolled through the city and did some shopping until we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe. There we spent the rest of the afternoon and had a couple of drinks to celebrate our birthdays. Before we returned to our hotel, we had dinner at Swing Kitchen, a vegan burger restaurant. After a fantastic burger we took the tram back to the hotel, where he had another drink at the bar.

Museums Quarter

Austrian Parliament

Austrian Parliament

Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace

Hard Rock Cafe Vienna

Dinner at Swing Kitchen

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Vienna Spring 2016 - Part 3

Returning Home

Sunday - March 13th 2016

Today our short breakaway in Vienna came to an end, but not before the afternoon. After we got up, we packed our stuff and checked out. Then we headed into the city and had a cup of coffee at Starbucks near the Vienna State Opera. Since it was rather cold today, we hadn't planned anything special, except for meeting with friends for lunch at Swing Kitchen. So after a lovely cup of coffee, we just walked around the inner city until it was time for the meeting. A delicious burger with fries later, we had another cup of ice cream at Veganista and the we drove back home to Salzburg.






Swing Kitchen

Our Lunch