Monday, 16 February 2015

Honeymoon 2015 - Part 1

Flying To The USA

Monday - January 5th 2015

Claudia and I are big Disney fans who visit the Disney parks on a regular basis. However for our honeymoon we wanted to do something special, but still connected to Disney. We have already been to Walt Disney World before and so we decided to do a Disney Cruise combined with the Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World.

Our Delta flight from Munich to Atlanta departed Tuesday morning, but the weather forecast wasn't good. So we drove to Munich the night before to avoid any traffic jams and stayed at the Mövenpick Hotel near the airport. After the check in we had dinner at the hotel restaurant and before we went to bed, we enjoyed a drink at the bar.

Our Room at the Mövenpick Hotel

Our Room at the Mövenpick Hotel

Our Bathroom at the Mövenpick Hotel

Delicious Beer

Salad from the Buffet for Dinner

The Hotel Restaurant and Bar

The Hotel Restaurant and Bar

The Hotel Restaurant

Tuesday - January 6th 2015

We got up early, packed our stuff and drove to the airport. There we parked our car and went to the check in. Unfortunately the check in was not as smooth as expected, because I had to do a special security screening. That meant I couldn't do the online check in and had to answer a lot of questions at the terminal. Once the check in was finished, we had a cup of coffee and a bagel at Coffee Fellows for breakfast. Afterwards we passed security and spent the time until departure in the international area. I thought that the special security screening was already completed with answering the many questions at the check in, but I was wong. I had to do another one. This time, they took me and some other tourists to a designated area and I had to undergo another round of security checks. 

Getting Coffee

Avocado Bagel for Breakfast

Our Delta Plane

Munich Airport

After the special security screening it was time to board the plane and we left Munich on time. Ten hours and a couple of meals and drinks later, we arrived in Atlanta. Immigration was quick and easy and then we had to wait a couple of hours until our connecting flight to Orlando departed. We spent the time at a bar and ordered coffee and a beer.

Spiced Tofu with Rice

Potato and Spinach Wrap

Finally it was time for our flight to Orlando and an hour later we were in Florida. After we picked up our luggage, we got our rental car and soon we were on our way to Walt Disney World. Unfortunately I missed an exit and so it took us some time until the navigation system led us to our hotel. There we checked in, got our Magic Bands and after a shower we headed to the food court for pasta. Since we were really tired, we fell asleep soon.

Our Magic Bands

Riverside Mill Food Court

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Hotel

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