Friday, 10 June 2016

California 2016 - Part 19

Flying Home

Thursday - June 9th 2016

Every fantastic journey has to come to and end and today it was our time to return home. We got up pretty early, gathered our belongings and then we took a taxi to the airport. Since we couldn't do the onlince check in, we wanted to be at the check in early. After standing in line for a couple of minutes, we finally got our boarding passes and dropped off our luggage. Before it was time to board the plane towards Detroit, we got a coffee at Starbucks. An uneventful four hours flight later, we arrived in Detroit. There we had some time until our connecting flight to Amsterdam departed and so we had lunch at a sports bar. Claudia and I shared a veggie wrap with fries and ordered some beers.

Las Vegas Airport

Las Vegas Airport

Detroit Airport

Detroit Airport - Sportsbar

Veggie Wrap and Fries

Our Airbus for the Flight to Europe

Lentil Cake

Friday morning we arrived at Amsterdam's Shipol Airport, and from there we had to catch one last flight back to Munich, where we landed around noon. After we picked up our luggage, we headed to our car and drove back to Salzburg. Unfortunately that took longer than expected due to the many traffic jams. Back home we bought some groceries for the weekend and then it was time for watching the opening match of the UEFA Euro 2016 on TV.

Time flew by so quickly. We spent nearly three weeks in the US and had an amazing time. Not only did we meet friendly people, but we also got to see so many different things. The highlight of our journey was definitely Disneyland, but San Francisco was also very fascinating. Las Vegas might be a crazy town, but I just love it there and will definitely return. Besides wonderful cities, we also saw beautiful landscapes, like around Lake Tahoe or along the Californian coast, great landmarks, like Alcatraz, or interesting museums, like the Walt Disney Family Museum. As a Hard Rock Cafe fan I can cross of many locations on my list, and as a Disney fan, I've only three Disney resorts left to visit. Now we are back home and think already about our next vacation in the United States. Hopefully soon!

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