Tuesday, 28 June 2016

California 2016 - Part 1

Spending A Day In Munich

Sunday - May 22nd 2016

My wife Claudia and I enjoy traveling to the United States and so our this year's big vacation has brought us back to the States. This time we decided to visit California and Nevada. Our journey started in Las Vegas and from there our roundtrip took us via Lake Tahoe and San Francisco to Los Angeles and Palm Springs and from there back to Vegas. But before our journey could actually begin, we had to catch our flights at Munich airport. Since our flights departed in the morning and driving to Munich could be a bit of a hassle, we decided to go to Munich a day before our departure.

So Sunday afternoon, after we voted our new president, we hit the road and drove to our hotel near Munich's airport. We chose the Novotel Munich Airport, because we already stayed there for one night last year and were pleased. The room was clean and even offered a mini bar. After we checked in, we took the train into the city for an early dinner at Hans Im Glück Burger Grill. Claudia and I both ordered the veggie burger with fries and after a delicious dinner, we enjoyed some drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe. By the way, this wasn't the last Hard Rock Cafe we visited during our vacation. Later we returned to our hotel, had one last drink at bar, and got ready for the next morning.

Novotel - Our Hotel near the Airport

Our Room

Our Bathroom

Hans Im Glück Burger Grill

Veggie Burger

Hard Rock Cafe Munich

Hard Rock Cafe Munich

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Bruno Rodrigues said...

Hi, Michael, I'm starting to read your vacation posts :-)