Monday, 27 June 2016

California 2016 - Part 2

Our Journey Starts

Monday - May 23rd 2016

Today our journey to the United States finally started. After we got up, we checked out and took the airport bus to the terminal. Luckily the airline check in was not such a hassle like last year, when I had to undergo a special security screening. This time everything went smoothly and soon we could enjoy a quiet breakfast with avocado bagels and coffee at Coffee Fellows. 


Ready for Departure

Finally it was time for boarding and our Delta Airlines flight towards Atlanta, Georgia, left on time. Our uneventful flight lasted for nearly ten hours, but thanks to onboard entertainment, several meals, we got spiced tofu and snacks, and some beers, time went by rather quickly. Once we landed in Atlanta we had to go through costums and immigration. Unfortunately that was a bit of a chaos, because of conflicting informations we got from the airport stuff. However, in the end we made it through immigration on time and still could enjoy a cold beer at the Heineken bar. Our connecting flight to Las Vegas departed on time two hours after we arrived in the US. Once we landed at McCarran International Airport in Vegas, we collected our luggage and took a taxi to our hotel. After a very long day we checked in and fell into our beds.

Beautiful Sky

Spiced Tofu with Rice


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