Sunday, 10 May 2015

Cardiff - London 2015 - Part 9

Going Home

Saturday - May 9th 2015

Today we had to return home and so after we got up, we packed our belongings, had breakfast and checked out. Since our flight didn't depart before the evening, we still had some time left. First we went to Baker Street to see the Sherlock Homes metro station and the Sherlock Holmes museum. We didn't go inside the museum, but we checked out the shop. Afterwards we walked to the Disney Store on Oxford Street and before we returned to the hotel to pick up our luggage, we had lunch at Chipotle. Then we took the Gatwick Express to the airport and since we had some time left until departure, we used our last Pounds for a drink at the airport pub. Around 10:00pm we arrived in Munich.

Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Metro Station

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Hudsons Restaurant


BT Tower

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