Tuesday, 24 September 2013

United States 2013 - Part 5

Meeting Even More Good Friends

Thursday - September 5th 2013

After coffee and a bagel we checked out and were on our way to Toledo to visit another shopping mall. However this shopping trip was a bit disappointing. First of all I remembered the mall to be nicer and second we weren't in the mood for shopping. So we got a smoothie from Jamba Juice. Later we got some Halloween stuff and went to the Disney Store.

Jamba Juice

Franklin Park Mall Disney Store

Around noon we were back in Bowling Green and it was no surprise that we had dinner at Chipotle again. Then we enjoyed a cup of coffee at Starbucks until it was time to meet more good friends, who live near Bowling Green. Claudia and I stayed with them for the weekend until Monday.


It was so great to see them again and since we had to catch up with so many things we had dinner at home. Later they showed us the local high school, because tomorrow we were supposed to talk to some classes about Austria and Europe. Some glasses of wine later, we went to bed.


High School Library

High School Cafeteria

High School Gym

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