Friday, 27 September 2013

United States 2013 - Part 1

United States 2013

A few years ago my girlfriend Claudia and I spent a semester at the Bowling Green State University and we both met some wonderful people there. Now it was time to return to Ohio to meet some of them again. So we decided to spend one week with our friends in Columbus and Bowling Green and afterwards we traveled to Chicago and via Indianapolis back to Ohio.

Flying To Columbus, Ohio

Saturday - August 31st 2013

We got up pretty early, because we had to drive from Salzburg to Munich. Our Delta flight should have departed at 9:50am from Munich, but after we arrived at the airport, we found out, that the flight had been delayed for five hours. What a great start for a vacation and the Delta crew didn't make it better with their strange humour. Unlike the flight attendants, we couldn't see anything positive in that delay. At least we got a coupon for the airport restaurants and so we tried to make the best out of it. First we had a cup of coffee at Starbucks and later we enjoyed some beers at the Airbräu Pub. After two beers the situation wasn't that bad anymore. For lunch we tried an Asian restaurant. The food was really good and a lot better than expected from an airport restaurant. I had a noodle dish named Yaki Soba and Claudia chose vegetables with rice.

Airbräu Pub

Airbräu Pub Beer

Asian Restaurant

Asian Restaurant

Asian Restaurant

Yaki Soba

Vegetables with Rice

Afterwards we bought some things for the flight and then we were on our way to the gate. Boarding was a bit chaotic, but finally we were ready for departure and left Munich on time. The flight to Atlanta was fine and we even caught the connecting flight to Columbus, Ohio. There we arrived at 11:30pm. The flight attendent found out that we weren't Americans and was surprised that Europeans would visit Ohio voluntarily instead of the tourist areas like California, New York or Florida.

Beer Makes Flying a lot more Fun

Airplane Food

After we got our luggage, our friends picked us up at the airport, because we stayed with them until Monday. We talked a bit to catch up and then it was time for bed.

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