Thursday, 1 June 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Part 4

Our Third Day At Disneyland

Wednesday - May 17th 2017

Today we arrived a bit later at the park, because the extra magic hours weren't really worth the walk anymore. So we used the shuttle service to Disneyland and then we got a coffee at Starbucks in Disney Village. Afterwards we went straight to the Walt Disney Studios and got in line for Crush's Coaster before the ride even opened. Crush is one of the most popular attractions at Disneyland, but luckily we only had to wait for 20 minutes. Later we did Cars Race Rally followed by Tower of Terror. 

Crush's Caster

Crush's Coaster

Cars Race Rally


Tower of Terror

Studio 1

Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse

Tower of Terror

Walt Disney Studios Park

Back in the Disneyland we just strolled around the park, checked out the shops and had lunch at Cowboy Cookout BBQ with a salad and fries. Since it was really hot today, we decided to leave the park after we rode the Indiana Jones coaster. At the Sports Bar in Disney Village we got a pitcher of beer and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After we spent nearly most of the afternoon at the Sports BAr, we called the shuttle service and returned to the hotel. Back in Val D'Europe we headed to the Auchan supermarket and bought some snacks for dinner.

Sleeping Beauty Castle



Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Beer and Nachos

Sports Bar

Disney Village

Val D'Europe

Val D'Europe

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