Monday, 26 January 2015

Honeymoon 2015 - Part 19

Returning Home

Saturday - January 24th 2014

After nearly two great weeks at Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and after one fantastic week on the Disney Fantasy, we had to return home. When we got up, the ship was already in Port Canaveral. We packed our stuff and after breakfast at Royal Court we had to leave the ship. Security and immigration didn't take very long and soon we were on our way to Orlando International Airport.

Vegetable Tortilla

Back in Port Canaveral

Disney Cruise Line Terminal

Disney Cruise Line Bus

Orlando International Airport

Although our flight didn't depart before 6:30pm, we could already check in. Then we got a coffee at Starbucks and strolled through the airport shops. After a late lunch at one of the fast food restaurants, we spent our last dollars at a bar.

Food Court

Veggie Tortilla

Sports Bar

Waiting for Departure

Finally it was time for take off and an hour later we arrived in Atlanta. From there we had to take an Air France flight to Paris, where we arrived Sunday noon. In Paris we had an overlay for one and a half hour and then we had to take our last flight from Paris to Munich. Unfortunately our journey wasn't over yet, because we still had to drive to Salzburg. 

Waiting for Departure

Back at home we ordered food from our favourite Japanese restaurant and spent the evening in front of the TV watching The Big Bang Theory and talking about our marvelous honeymoon. I think it was the best vacation ever, especially the Disney Cruise was really fantastic and I'm pretty sure we will do nother one, maybe in the Mediterranean. Walt Disney World was also wonderful, but we realized that we have a great Disney resort in Europe too, which we now even prefer over Disney World.

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Bruno Rodrigues said...

Michael, thanks a lot for your super detailed trip report! I read it all :-)