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Long Night Of Museums 2011

Long Night Of Museums

Saturday - October 1st 2011

Each year on the first weekend of October, the Austrian Broadcasting Company (ORF) is hosting the Long Night of Museums. With a single ticket for €11, participants can visit all museums throughout Austria between 6pm and 1am. Like in recent years, we attended this event again and had a wonderful time.

We already picked up our ticket in the morning, which meant we didn't have to queue in the evening. Our museum tour included the Red Bull Hangar 7, the Stiegl Brewery, a Military Museum, the University Library, the Cathedral and the Salzburg Residenz with its beautiful Grand Ballrooms.

Around 6pm we arrived at the Red Bull Hangar 7 at the Salzburg Airport. In the Hangar 7 many historical and new aircrafts, which are collected by The Flying Bulls, are on display, but visitors can also see former Red Bull Racing Formula 1 cars or Red Bull Nascar cars.

Hangar 7

North American B-25j "Mitchell"

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Car

BO 105 CB Helicopter

The highlight of the aircraft collection is a Douglas DC-6B, a plane that was used by former Jugoslavian President Marshall Tito. 

Douglas DC-6B

Douglas DC-6B Cockpit

Douglas DC-6B

Bell Cobra TAH-1F

Alpha Jet

Afterwards the museum shuttle bus brought us to the Stiegl Brewery, where we joined a guided tour through the production plant. Stiegl is one of Austria's largest breweries and was founded in 1492, the same year Columbus discovered America. During the tour people got three different beer samples to taste and many informations about the products and the brewery were told.

Stiegl Brewery

Beer Tower

Production Plant

Our next stop was the Salzburg Military Museum, which was very small, but still interesting. There guests were allowed to shoot with air guns on the inside shooting range and of course I tried that, too.

Military Museum


At 10:30pm we had assigned for a tour through the University Library, but before we had a beer, a glass of wine and some snacks at the buffet. After a very intersting tour, we walked to the Cathedral where we joined a wine tasting in the adjactent museum. 

Our last stop was at the Salzburg Residenz where we had another beer with a friend and around 1am we were on our way back home.

Salzburg Residenz

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