Thursday, 5 January 2017

London 2016/17 - Part 1

Going To London

Thursday - December 29th 2016

Claudia and I are big London fans. So far we had been three times and since we didn't have any plans for New Year's Eve this year, we decided to travel to London. So Thursday after work we packed our stuff and drove to Munich airport, where we spent the night at the Novotel, because the flight was departing Friday early morning. We stayed at the hotel already before and so we knew what to expect. After we checked in, we ate some sandwiches and then we got a couple of beers at the hotel bar before we returned to our room and went to bed.

Our Room

Our Bathroom

Friday - December 30th 2016

We got up pretty early and soon we were on our way to the terminal. Since the crowds were already big, we decided to go straight through security and then we got a coffee inside the international zone. Soon it was time for boarding and we were on the plane right on time. However once boarding was completed, the captain told us that our flight was delayed for two hours due to the heavy fog in London. Great, what a start! One and half an hour later we finally departed. An uneventful flight later our easyjet flight landed in London Gatwick, and after we caught our Thameslink train, we were on our way to the city of London. There we first had lunch at Nando's, which was a bit underwhelming. We both ordered the veggie burger with fries. It was okay, but nothing special. Later we took the tube to Waterloo Station and from there the train to Wandsworth Town, where our Holiday Inn was located. Claudia and I stayed at that hotel twice already and we always enjoyed it there. After we checked in, we refreshed a bit and since it was already late afternoon, we decided against returning to the city. Instead we got a couple of drinks at our favourite pub near the hotel called The Alma. For dinner we got some sandwiches at M&S and then we returned to the hotel.

The Shard

Nando's at London Bridge

Veggie Burger with Fries

Near London Bridge

Near London Bridge

Borough Market

Holiday Inn Express

The Alma Pub

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