Monday, 24 October 2016

Alpendorf Fall 2016 - Part 1

Going To Alpendorf

Friday - October 21st 2016

For our second wedding anniversary Claudia and I decided to spent a weekend at Hotel Alpendorf. We had been there twice for weekend trips and always enjoyed our stay there. Not only are the employees very friendly and helpful, but the hotel also offers a vegan menu. So Friday after work we drove to Alpendorf and soon we arrived at the hotel. The check in was quick and easy and after we dropped off our luggage in our room, we got a welcome drink from the mini bar. Since it was our wedding day celebration, we booked the best room of the hotel, the Panorama Suite, which was really beautiful. The rest of the afternoon we relaxed at the spa of the hotel until it was time for dinner. Today's menu included a vegan burger and pancakes filled with ice cream for dessert. Afterwards we got gin tonics at the hotel bar and later we watched The Nanny in our room until we went to bed.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom equipped with a Bathtub inside the Room

Master Bedroom


Living Room

Nice Surprise from the Hotel

Hotel Alpendorf

Hotel Bar

Hotel Bar

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