Monday, 8 August 2016

Vienna Summer 2016 - Part 1


Thursday - August 4th 2016

My wife Claudia is currently working on her second cookbook and to shoot the pictures for her book we had to drive to Vienna. So Thursday after work we packed all the cooked and baked goods into our car and after a three hours drive, we arrived at the photo studio. There we unloaded the stuff and then we headed to our hotel. Like during the last photo shooting, we stayed at the Hotel Am Brillantengrund, because it was conveniently located near the studio. It's definitely not a fancy hotel, and we didn't enjoy our stay there as much as we did two years ago, because the hotel lost a lot of its charm, but it was okay for two nights and breakfast was also included. After we checked in and dropped off our luggage, we had a welcome beer at the hotel bar and then we walked to Schillinger's Swing Kitchen for dinner. Before we returned to the hotel, we got vegan ice cream at Bortolotti Gelateria.

Hotel Am Brillantegrund

Our Room

Lounge Area

Beautiful Hotel Courtyard

Swing Kitchen

Burger and Fries for Dinner

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