Thursday, 4 June 2015

Munich Spring 2015 - Part 1

Going To Munich

Friday - May 29th 2015

Recently my dad celebrated his 60th birthday and as a present, the whole family went to Munich to spend the weekend there together. Friday after work Claudia and I drove to Munich and met with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend at the Motel One Deutsches Museum. After we checked in, we had a welcome drink at the hotel bar and then went to the Hans Im Glück Burger Grill restaurant, where we had a lovely dinner together. Most of us ordered a burger and like always the food was delicious. Later we strolled around the inner city and enjoyed a beer at the famous Augustiner Bräu. Back at the hotel my sister and her boyfriend arrived and so we had another drink at the bar before we went to bed.

Motel One Hotel Bar

Vegan Burger at Hans Im Glück



Augustiner Bräu Munich

Our Room

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