Saturday, 4 October 2014

Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Saturday - October 4th 2014

Claudia and I are a couple for nearly twelve years now and last year we decided to get married. It was about time. After a year of planning and preperations, the big day finally arrived. The weather was fantastic and so nothing stood in the way of a wonderful day.

Claudia and I

Claudia and I

Claudia and I

My Tribute to Star Trek

And my Trinute to the Doubledecker

Just Beautiful

The ceremony started at 2pm at Castle Ebelsberg in our home town Linz, but before we made some photos with our photographer. Finally it was time and we all took our seats inside the Grand Room of the castle. The registrar lead through the ceremony and talked about our life together. It was very moving. Then he asked us the big question and we exchanged the rings. Now we were official husband and wife.

Castle Ebelsberg

The Ceremony

My Socks made People laugh during the Ceremony

The big Moment

The Exchange of the Rings

Afterwards there was a small reception in the castle courtyard with snacks, champagne and other drinks. All of our guests congratulated us and an hour later the old British Doubledecker arrived. The bus brought us to our reception location called Skyloft. 


Inside the Castle Courtyard

Inside the Castle Courtyard

The Doubledecker

The Doubledecker with us

People along the Streets were Congratulating

Around 6pm we arrived at the Skyloft. We did some speeches and thanked everyone for coming and then dinner was served. First we had a started with Italian antipasti, followed by two soups, a pumpkin soup and a tomato soup. The main dishes came from the buffet and guests could chose from stuffed cabbage with mashed potatoes and white wine sauce and a risotto served with herbs. Of course we tried averything and our caterer did a fantastic job. There were no complaints and everyone liked it. For dessert they served our chocolate wedding cake, Linzer Cakes and muffins.

Arriving at the Skyloft

The Skyloft at the Ars Electronica Center

The Skyloft

Our Table

The Skyloft

My Wife is giving a Speech

Antipasti for Starter

Pumpkin Soup and Tomato Soup

Claudia making a Selfie


The small Wedding Cake

Later we opened the dance floor and celebrated until 3am. Luckily our hotel was just a few meters away from the restaurant and so we had just a short walk. The hotel suprised us with the suite and a bottle of champagne. On the next day after breakfast we packed our stuff and presents and soon we were on our way to Vienna for a very short honeymoon. The big one will follow in January.

Our first Dance

It was a wonderful day and although it sounds cheesy, it was the best and most beautiful day in our lives. I want to thank everyone who attended our wedding. Last but not least, here's a great slideshow by our photographer.

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