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Vacation At Home 2012

Vacation At Home

Monday September 24th - Sunday September 25th 2012

Claudia took a week off from work and since we didn't plan on going anywhere, we spent the whole week in Salzburg. Our vacation at home started with a lazy Monday. After a nice breakfast we just walked around Salzburg, especially around our neighbourhood. We visited a nice coffee house and bought some stuff in cute little shops, like a wonderful Yankee Candle and Asian beer.

On Tuesday we decided to take the cable car on top of the Untersberg Mountain. The weather was really nice and so we could enjoy a wonderful view over Salzburg. Once on top we just hicked around for some time and later we had a beer while waiting for the cable car to return.

Salzburg seen from the Untersberg






In the early afternoon, after we returned from the Untersberg, we decided to visit a nearby open air museum, called Salzburger Freilicht Museum in Großgmain. The museum shows old farm and factory houses and some of them have been built several hundreds of years ago. The oldest farm house was built in 1442. Although it wasn't that interesting, we had a great time there.

Nice Goat

Vintage Hydro Station

Vintage Mill

Museum Train

Vintage Farm Houses

Vintage Farm Houses

Salettl - Restaurant built in 1924

Vintage Farm House

After we returned we refreshed and then we were on our way to our favourite Indian restaurant. After a delicious dinner we visited a newly opened casino.

The next day was lazy again. We hadn't planned anything special for today, except for a tour of the Almkanal on the afternoon. The tour lasted about an hour and it was really interesting. The channel is Europe's oldest channel system when it comes to water distribution and it traces back to the 12th century.

On Thursday we had a lunch reservation at one of our favourite restaurants. After doing some shopping we walked into the inner city, where we enjoyed a glass of wine. For the evening we had tickets to a Scottish Folk Concert, which was really fantastic. Both bands were great.

Since Salzburg is perfect for city hikers, we did a hike across the Mönchsberg on Friday. We passed some well known landmarks, like the castle Festung Hohensalzburg or the Augustiner Brewery, and of course had some stops at nice bars and restaurants to enjoy the warm weather with cold beers. Our favourite spot was the so called Stadtalm, a very small restaurant and hostel on top of the Mönchsberg from where we had a wonderful view over the old town of Salzburg. On our way back home we stopped at an organic burger restaurant. In the evening my brother and his girlfriend visited us for dinner.

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