Thursday, 8 September 2011

London 2011 - Part 5

Returning Home

Saturday - September 3rd 2011

Today we had to leave, but before we wanted to see the British Museum. We checked out after breakfast and soon we were on our way to the museum. It's really fantastic that nearly all museums in the United Kingdom are for free. Over here you have to pay, but sometimes students get in for free in some of the federal museums.


British Museum

British Museum

British Museum

First we went to see the Egyptian exhibition and the mummies. The Syrian objects on display and the money exhibition were also very interesting.

British Museum

British Museum

It got really crowded and I was already angry about some of the other guests. I hate it when people don't follow the rules. What's so hard to understand that it is prohibited to touch the objects. So we got a cup of coffee in the huge museum hall and then we checked out the souvenir shop. Afterwards we had luch at Wagamama again and then we headed to the Disney Store, where I got a nice Monsters Inc. 10th Anniversary pin.

One last time at Wagamama

We bought some snacks at Marks & Spencer and returned to the hotel to pick up our luggage. Before we left we spent our last Pounds for a beer in the hotel pub. Since the subway was very crowded and delays were possible especially on the Piccadilly Line to the airport, we decided to take the Northern Line from Waterloo to Paddington and from there the Heathrow Connect train to Heathrow Airport.

Heathrow Airport

Our flight left at 8:00pm and we arrived in Munich around 11:00pm local time. Then we had to drive 90 minutes back to Salzburg. It was a wonderful, but exhausting journey with many highlights and we will definitely return to London.

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